11:00am -- Todd Gailun, Chief Curator, TEDxLowerEastSide
11:10am -- Chris Anderson, Introduction
11:15am -- Richard Schwab: “The Living Mythology”
11:30am -- Kim Boekbinder: “Creative Anarchy”
11:45am -- Werner Doyle: “Striving For Complexity”
12:00pm -- TED Talk Video: Jason Silva: “Radical Openness”
12:15pm -- Frank Lipman: “Breaking The Shackles Of Apartheid In Medicine”
12:30pm -- Richard Doyle: "The Exegesis Of Philip K. Dick: Hacking The Hero's Journey Beyond Thought".
12:45pm -- Zoran Josipovic: “The Brain Is Wired For Unity”
1:00pm -- Gerard Senehi: “Not Knowing And The Space It Creates To Discover”
1:30pm -- Lunch

2:15pm -- Adam Gyorgy: “From Raspberry Fields To Carnegie Hall”
2:30pm -- John Montgomery: “How Conscious Corporations Attract Success”
2:45pm -- Cindy Wigglesworth: “The Roadmap To Nobility”
3:00pm -- Pamela Peeke: “Epigenetic Transformation: You Are What Your Grandparents Ate”
3:15pm – TED Talk Video: Pattie Maes + Pranav Mistry: "Meet the Sixth Sense interaction"
3:30pm -- Barbara Fredrickson: “Remaking Love”
3:45pm -- Douglas Rushkoff: “Present Shock”
4:00pm -- Michael Chorost: “The Spiritual Journey Of A Cyborg”
4:15pm -- Michelle King Robson: “Illness To Willness”
4:45pm -- Coffee Break

5:15pm -- Camille Cusumano: “Tango, The Dance, The Journey, The Transformation”
5:30pm -- Norman Rosenthal: “The Gift Of Adversity”
5:45pm -- Eddie Stern: “Urban Yogis: Picking Up Mats, Putting Down Guns"
6:00pm – TED Talk Video: Janette Sadik-Khan: "New York's streets? Not so mean any more"
6:15pm -- Thomas Peisel: “We Are The Dreamers Of Our Lives Both In Waking And In Sleep”
6:30pm -- Christian Madsbjerg: “Getting People Right"
6:45pm – Zach Iscol: “Act IV: Happily Ever After? The Hero’s Journey After The Credits Roll”
7:00pm -- Avi Singolda & Adam Singolda: “Hero’s Journey: An original (re)Arrangement”

Cocktail Party: 7:30pm -- 9:30pm: Live Performances By TEDx Speakers Kim Boekbinder And Adam Gyorgy



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